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Important Dental Issues for Teens

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The need to care for your teeth as a teen cannot be overstated. During your teen years, the last of your permanent teeth grow in. Once your adult teeth are in place, they need daily care to remain strong throughout your lifetime. Although teeth do weaken over time, your adult teeth can withstand a lifetime of wear and tear.

One of the biggest obstacles facing teens is peer pressure. What a teen’s peers think, say and do have a tremendous impact. Trends such as mouth jewelry, and the use of drugs, and tobacco can all wreck a teen’s smile before it ever has a chance to bloom.

Teens also face the risk of oral trauma from injuries brought on by contact sports and similar high-risk activities. Although not all sports can be harmful to a person’s health, it is imperative to always wear the safety gear and equipment necessary to protect your smile, including mouth guards, helmets, and face masks.

The teen years are critical to ensuring a lifetime of oral health. If you would like Dr. Lin Wong and our team at Wong Dental to give your teen a cleaning and exam, please contact our office in Covina, California, at 626-709-3332. We look forward to helping you soon!