Wong Dental provides dental emergency services in Covina, CA, and surrounding San Gabriel, Los Angeles and Orange County area. We are an expert in treating toothache, dental pain, and other dental emergencies.

At Wong Dental, we welcome the following:

  • Dental emergency walk-ins
  • New dental patient walk-ins
  • Last minute appointments
  • Same-day dental appointments
  • Next-day dental appointments

Some of the most common dental emergencies requiring immediate dental treatment by an experienced and specially trained emergency dentist.

Tooth Abscess

Infection of the root of a tooth can cause intermittent pain. Often, the tooth has a history of on again/off again pain. In addition to pain, symptoms include swelling of the gum line, swelling of the patient’s face, and in some cases, a loose tooth. Medication may temporarily reduce the pain; however, dental treatment will be necessary.

Broken Tooth

Occasionally, a tooth will break as result of an accident or trauma, or a large or repeated fillings, which requires removing portions of a tooth to such a degree that the tooth may become too weak and possibly break.
Acute Pulpitis Resulting in a Severe Toothache
An acute pulpitis is an inflammation of the pulp within a tooth, a condition brought on by tooth decay or trauma. Immediate dental care is necessary to alleviate pain if there is a change in air temperature.

Gum Abscess

With this type of abscess, food caught between the tooth and the gum can cause the gums to become infected. As a result, symptoms include swollen gums and bleeding.

Suffering from Toothache and Need Immediate Dental Treatment?

At Wong Dental, no appointment is needed for dental emergencies that simply can’t wait. For dental emergency treatment, visit us immediately at our conveniently located dental office at 626 S 2nd Ave Covina, CA 91723. For after hours emergency, please call 626-341-0164 to book an immediate next day appointment.