Two Minutes of Brushing

For your best oral health, you need to brush for two full minutes twice a day. The average person only brushes for 45 seconds. If you make sure that you brush your entire mouth, you can easily fill those 120 seconds. Our dentist focuses on wanting all of our patients to have healthy smiles. That’s… Read more »

Educate Yourself About TMJs

Due to the fact the temporomandibular joint has several working parts to function effectively for all the aspects of your oral health that it requires, you’ll need to make sure they are well taken care of, and risks are limited. Your TMJs are joints within your jaw that are essential for optimum oral health and… Read more »

A Case of Severe Oral Trauma May Need Timely First Aid and Emergency Treatment

A hard bump on the head or an accidental fall in the home can sometimes affect the mouth, damaging the tongue, soft oral tissues and teeth. At the same time athletes who do not use a protective mouthguard can also be at increased risk of suffering a significant oral trauma. In a distressing moment like… Read more »

Healthy Tooth Enamel Helps Resist Significant Dental Stains

Tooth enamel is microscopically porous. When you consume a dark beverage or use a tobacco product, minute dark particles are introduced into your mouth. These substances can sometimes adhere to the surface textures of your teeth causing surface stains.     If minor dental stains are not removed by your daily oral hygiene routine, they… Read more »

All About the Facts of Dental Bonding

Are you interested in having a more beautiful smile? If so, our dentist, Dr. , encourages you to consider dental bonding treatment. This treatment can give you the results you want and help you achieve the smile of your dreams. To tell you more about this treatment, our dentist is happy to share some facts…. Read more »

Oral Health Recaps: Mouthwash

Did you know that mouthwash comes with several benefits beyond just freshening your breath? It’s true, and although many individuals use mouthwash to help freshen your breath, there are many other potential benefits that it can have. In some situations, mouthwash may include teeth whitening treatment systems to help remove stains and discolorations. It can… Read more »

Sports Injuries Reduced With Mouthguard Use

Sports accidents whereby there are injuries to the mouth occur literally thousands of times annually. Teeth get knocked out, or using the medical term, avulsed, and jaws, lips and mouths are severely damaged. People who wear mouthguards while playing sports have far greater protection from these injuries. Unfortunately, many sports do not require them. This… Read more »

Oral Hygiene: Going the Extra Mile

Oral hygiene is very important. In fact, it’s vital for a top-notch oral health and smile. This is why your dentist, Dr. , strongly recommends keeping up on oral hygiene regularly, which should include brushing twice a day and flossing daily. For an even better oral hygiene routine, you can go the extra mile. You… Read more »

Don’t Delay Addressing a Lost Dental Filling

When you receive a dental filling, it is bonded or cemented to your tooth enamel with the intention of benefiting your smile for several years. However, inconsistencies in daily brushing and flossing or neglecting to schedule regular dental checkups can hurt your oral hygiene weaken the seal of your dental filling. When a dental filling… Read more »

Causes and Treatment for a Cracked Tooth

At we are happy to assists our patients and their families with all of their dental care needs, especially dental injuries. While your tooth enamel is extremely strong, you can still crack a tooth, and you may not even know you have a cracked tooth unless you feel a sharp pain when biting down. If… Read more »