Oral Hygiene: Going the Extra Mile

Oral hygiene is very important. In fact, it’s vital for a top-notch oral health and smile. This is why your dentist, Dr. , strongly recommends keeping up on oral hygiene regularly, which should include brushing twice a day and flossing daily. For an even better oral hygiene routine, you can go the extra mile. You… Read more »

Don’t Delay Addressing a Lost Dental Filling

When you receive a dental filling, it is bonded or cemented to your tooth enamel with the intention of benefiting your smile for several years. However, inconsistencies in daily brushing and flossing or neglecting to schedule regular dental checkups can hurt your oral hygiene weaken the seal of your dental filling. When a dental filling… Read more »

Causes and Treatment for a Cracked Tooth

At we are happy to assists our patients and their families with all of their dental care needs, especially dental injuries. While your tooth enamel is extremely strong, you can still crack a tooth, and you may not even know you have a cracked tooth unless you feel a sharp pain when biting down. If… Read more »

Focus Your Smile on Tooth Hazard Warning Signs

  To keep your smile safe from dental damage that can arise, it is always a good idea to analyze your life, and any unhealthy habits that are you’re involved in to assess any tooth hazard risks that may be present. The risk of tooth hazards can damage and cause oral accidents or injuries to… Read more »

The Best Dental Care for Your Oral Health

Wong Dental’s goal is for you to have the best oral health and excellent dental care throughout the year. 2017 is soon coming to a close and December 31 signifies the end of the plan year for a majority of dental insurance companies. Your dental insurance policy allows for a certain dollar amount of coverage… Read more »

Daily Consumption of Dark Beverages Can Cause Dental Stains on the Teeth in Your Smile

A white and winning smile can influence some of your facial expressions and bolster your self-confidence in social settings. Yet there are some simple daily habits that might contribute to dental stains developing on your teeth. Your cup of morning coffee, afternoon tea, or the cola you drink with your lunch can introduce microscopic dark… Read more »

Getting Accustomed to Your Dentures

For many people, the word “dentures” makes them think of senior citizens. However, many younger and middle-aged adults are missing teeth, or have teeth that need to be replaced. And for people who may not be good candidates for dental implants, dentures may be the answer to their tooth replacement problem. If you opt for… Read more »

Halloween Candy to Be Wary Of

With Halloween approaching, forming a plan to protect your ghouls’ and ghosts’ teeth from cavities is a good idea. The candies in their Halloween bucket contain sugars that could harm their teeth. We’re not saying that you should not let your child eat Halloween candy, but know that not all candies are created equal. When… Read more »

What Are the Benefits of Dentistry While Pregnant?

Did you know that your oral health can change if you are pregnant? Although your teeth and gums may often be seen as of trivial consequence during a pregnancy, the truth is your oral health care is still highly important for the health of you and your baby. If left untreated, your oral health can… Read more »

General Information about Tooth Extractions

A tooth extraction can be a grim process as losing a tooth is never easy to handle, especially psychologically. Fortunately, with the advent of dental implants, bridges, and dentures, there are tooth replacements which can be used that are natural-looking, safe, and fully functional to restore your smile. However, the recovery process after a tooth… Read more »