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Frequently Asked Questions About Tooth-Healthy Diets

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If you are looking to improve your oral health, why not start at the cause of most oral health problems? Many oral health ailments are caused by the foods we eat. This includes tooth enamel loss or physical damage in the form of tooth fracture.

Exercise caution with your diet and your dietary habits. Listed below are some frequently asked questions about tooth-healthy diets:

Question: What food habits can wash away harmful bacteria?
– The best way to wash away harmful bacteria is with regular brushing and flossing, but if you are looking for edible products that can help, look for foods that have high water content such as pears or apples. Saliva also helps wash away harmful substances, so try saliva-producing products such as chewing sugarless gum.

Question: What foods should I avoid?
– Avoid foods that can promote tooth decay such as sugars and highly acidic foods. Also, avoid products that can chip or crack teeth like hard candies and popcorn kernels.

Question: Are there any foods that can strengthen my tooth enamel?
– Yes, there is. Some products have been shown to re-mineralize tooth enamel for added protection. This includes various meats, cheeses, milk, nuts, and other products high in calcium and phosphorus.

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