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Don’t Delay Addressing a Lost Dental Filling

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When you receive a dental filling, it is bonded or cemented to your tooth enamel with the intention of benefiting your smile for several years. However, inconsistencies in daily brushing and flossing or neglecting to schedule regular dental checkups can hurt your oral hygiene weaken the seal of your dental filling. When a dental filling comes loose and falls out, it’s important that you seek dental treatment right away to protect your smile.

The bond that seals a dental filling to your tooth enamel could be weakened if you have a high amount of bacteria in your mouth. The loosening of a dental filling causes issues such as heightened tooth sensitivity, a greater risk of tooth decay, and even the total loss of a dental filling. You should not delay addressing a lost dental filling, and we encourage you to seek dental treatment from Wong Dental as soon as possible. Postponing treatment increases your risk of suffering a bad dental fracture or developing other negative dental complications.

If the dental filling was large or new dental issues have affected your tooth’s biting surface, you may need to restore the tooth with a dental crown instead of a new filling. Dr. Lin Wong proudly provides dental crowns that are a virtually perfect match to your original tooth, though they can be created from gold or a metallic alloy in addition to dental porcelain.

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