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Dental Attrition Needs to Be Treated to Prevent Further Complications

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Uncorrected alignment problems with your teeth can cause one or two teeth to rub together improperly. This is even more likely to occur if you have a mild under or overbite.

As the two teeth wear on each other, it can gradually start to compromise an area of tooth enamel. As this happens the area of dental attrition can harbor a cavity or cause the tooth to fracture.

If you notice an area of concern on one of your teeth, you shouldn’t delay in having it examined and repaired by Dr. Lin Wong. The longer you delay the more likely you are to experience complications.

With early detection, Dr. Wong might be able to treat a small area of dental attrition with a simple dental filling. This might also include making a minor alteration to the offending tooth with a dental contouring treatment.

If the area of dental attrition is large, a filling might not be a viable option. This could also be a problem if a new cavity has formed in the compromised tooth enamel. To treat a tooth in this condition Dr. Wong might recommend a dental crown.

This dental restoration calls for replacing the entire tooth enamel layer with an alternate material such as porcelain, gold, or base metal alloys. It is hollow, to allow it to be anchored onto a small abutment formed from the core structures of the tooth.

If you live in the Covina, California, area and you have a tooth distressed by dental attrition, you should call 626-709-3332 to have it examined and repaired at Wong Dental.