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Causes and Treatment for a Cracked Tooth

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At Wong Dental we are happy to assists our patients and their families with all of their dental care needs, especially dental injuries. While your tooth enamel is extremely strong, you can still crack a tooth, and you may not even know you have a cracked tooth unless you feel a sharp pain when biting down. If you are wondering what causes a cracked tooth and what treatment is available, our team can answer these questions.

Teeth can crack or fracture as a result of:

– Chewing on hard objects such as nuts, hard candy, or ice
– A strong blow to the mouth
– Exposed tooth enamel that experiences extreme temperatures such as ice water or hot soup
– Grinding and clenching your teeth, a condition known as bruxism

To fix a cracked tooth, our dentist will first examine the damage to determine the proper course of treatment. Minor cracks can often be fixed with a tooth-colored dental filling, but severe damage or compromised tooth pulp may require root canal treatment or for the tooth to be extracted.

If your tooth does need to be pulled, our dentist will provide a thorough review of your tooth replacement options so that you can regain a smile you love. We offer a variety of customizable options at Wong Dental.

To learn more about the treatment of a cracked tooth, please call 626-709-3332 and schedule a time to see our dentist in Covina, California. Dr. Lin Wong, Dr. Collin Tsai, and Homan Hanasab are happy to help you with your oral health needs!