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A Case of Severe Oral Trauma May Need Timely First Aid and Emergency Treatment

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A hard bump on the head or an accidental fall in the home can sometimes affect the mouth, damaging the tongue, soft oral tissues and teeth. At the same time athletes who do not use a protective mouthguard can also be at increased risk of suffering a significant oral trauma.

In a distressing moment like this, some basic first aid may be necessary to minimize discomfort and other complications while you seek emergency treatment at Wong Dental.

If there is blood in your mouth you might be able to rinse it away with a small mouthful of lukewarm saltwater. If the affected soft tissues show early signs of swelling, lightly pressing a cold compress, or a bag of frozen vegetables to the area might be helpful.

Rubbing a little topical oral analgesic near the affected soft tissues or consuming a standard dose of an over the counter anti-inflammatory medication might help minimize short-term discomfort.

Once our dentist has assessed the severity of the problem we will present you with a treatment plan. Any chipped or fractured teeth might need immediate treatment. Soft oral tissue that have been lacerated might also need to be sutured.

After treating all areas of oral trauma Drs. Wong, Tsai, or Hanasab might also provide you with a prescription for pain medication to help minimize any discomfort during while the affected tissues heal. These medications will need to be taken as directed at the stated times and dosages for maximum effect.

If you are in the Covina, California, area and you or someone close to you has just suffered a significant oral trauma, you should call 626-709-3332 to seek emergency care at Wong Dental.