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5 Questions You Need to Ask a New Orthodontist

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Orthodontist: 5 Questions You Should Ask Yours

Seeking an orthodontist? This decision can have a huge impact on your life. That’s why we’re sharing the 5 questions you need to ask a new orthodontist here.

First impressions are everything. People make snap judgments about others all the time based solely on appearance.

Teeth are one of the first things people see, and thus the first things they judge.

Twenty-nine percent of Americans say the first thing about someone’s face they notice is their teeth. A quarter of the population also said that teeth are the facial aspect they remember most from a first meeting.

It doesn’t seem that damning until you realize that Americans perceive those with straight teeth as 45 percent more likely to have a job.

It seems like everyone loves a nice smile, and has a real bias towards people with a good set of pearly whites.

Luckily, orthodontics has the ability to take any set of teeth and make them look beautiful. A skilled professional can make all the difference in transforming any smile, young or old.

Notice that we said a skilled professional. There are plenty of people in the orthodontic trade who are less than reputable, and then some that you just might not get along with.

No one will get along with everyone, but there’s always a good orthodontist for you if you’re willing to seek them out.

That’s why we’re bringing you the top five questions you need to ask a new orthodontist before your first appointment.

First Things First: How Much Will It Cost?

Cost is the great determinator for many things, orthodontics included. You’ll want to get a quote from as many potential orthodontists as possible. After all, shopping around is the best way to get a low price.

Make sure to ask about things such as increased costs for extra procedures. Sometimes unexpected circumstances can lead to costly retainers or other things not built into your original quoted price.

Insurance is another thing you need to ask about. Some insurance companies will cover an orthodontist, but some won’t. Likewise, some orthodontists will take your insurance, while others won’t be in your network.

Chances are you’ll find a great variation in quoted prices. Even little things like rent can cause an orthodontist to charge more for identical service elsewhere.

How Long will Treatment Take?

Knowing how long treatment will take goes past cost and the general annoyances braces bring with them. People often like to plan their treatment around big events.

A wedding, vacation, or big promotion can all play a part in when a person wants to start treatment. It’s not unusual for someone to move forward or backward a major event once they hear they’ll need to have braces for more than a year.

The same holds true for children. “Late” (though no age is too late for orthodontic care) teens might decide to wait until after high school graduation to get braces. Young adults might do the same for college graduation.

It’s also nice to know how long you’ll be wearing your orthodontic equipment so you can plan it around your life. Make a night for yourself or your child that’s orthodontist night. Planning a consistent day of the week to see your provider can help minimize interference with other life obligations.

What Form Of Treatment Do I Need?

We offer two different kinds of orthodontic treatment, Invisalign, and traditional braces. It’s becoming pretty standard for most practices to offer both of these options.

Have a discussion with your orthodontist about what method of treatment is right for you.

Invisalign is generally more expensive, better at small tooth movements, and costs more money. It also requires discipline to keep your trays in for 22-24 hours a day. Not to mention brushing after every meal.

Braces require much less work, and this makes them better for teens. They’re also better for more complex dental issues, and are viable for correcting over and underbites.

Is This Orthodontist Qualified?

This question might seem a little obvious, but it’s still important. Make sure the orthodontist you’re visiting is qualified to use the treatment techniques he or she is recommending.

For instance, volunteering as their first Invisalign patient isn’t the best idea. Sure, you might get the service for a discount, but your dental health is not a good thing to become cheap about.

It’s also important to ask if your potential orthodontist graduated from orthodontic school. A family dentist can practice orthodontic treatments, but they will lack the experience of someone who attended orthodontic graduate school.

Any General Questions You Can Think Of

This section is vague for a reason. Ask your orthodontist anything you’d like to know about the person who you’re putting in control of your dental health and appearance.

Chances are you’ll want to see a specialist that you have something in common with; or, if not anything in common, at least someone who puts you at ease.

Braces and the alignments that come with them often aren’t fun. Comfort with the person working on your mouth can make the experience much more pleasant. If it’s your kid who’s going in the chair, make sure to let them make the decision on his or her own.

Stick to this list of questions and you should have no problem finding an orthodontist suited to your needs. Just remember that you might not find someone who ticks all these boxes right away. Keep looking, however, as the right person is out there. It might not be who your friends recommended, or even the person with the best online reviews.

Your child and yourself might also have different opinions. Try to balance the financial side of the process with his or her feelings on the orthodontist themselves.

If you’re in the market for an orthodontist near Covina, California, consider getting in touch with us. We strive to answer every question during a consultation and will do our best to accommodate any special needs you or your child might have.

We also offer a wide range of dental services from teeth cleanings to periodontics. No matter what you’re in need of, we have you covered. Don’t hesitate to contact us.