You Can Have Beautiful Healthy Teeth For Life

Healthy Oral Hygiene Includes Flossing Daily

Looking back on your year in review, would you say that your oral hygiene has met optimum standards for you? Did you take all the necessary steps to ensure that plaque formation could not occur, and bad bacteria was held in check? Continuing throughout this year, make sure your oral health care includes all aspects of a healthy oral hygiene... read more »

Traveling This Summer? Keep Your Smile Healthy by Packing Well

At Manalese Dental in Covina, California, we know summer is a time when many people like to travel. Whether your family is exploring our beautiful state or flying to new destinations, preparation is key to keeping your smiles healthy. To protect your family’s oral health, our dentists, Joel Manalese, Lin Wong, Dr. Collin Tsai, and Dr. Homan Hanasab want to help... read more »